DIY Dog Training 

The courses below are included in my in-person programs, however, they are also available to purchase on their own for those looking to DIY their dog training. More courses are in the works!

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This course is a guide to understanding how dogs think, learn, and express themselves in order to make training easier and more effective while building a strong relationship between you and your dog. 

  • How to use force-free, reward-based training methods

  • Tips on preventing undesirable behaviors

  • How to provide mental stimulation

  • Dog Body Language

  • Debunking a common myth

One-time purchase for lifetime access!

Curious to Confident is a 6-week course that will teach you everything you need to know about raising a puppy! Ideal for puppies 8-20 weeks old.


  • How dogs learn, think and express themselves

  • How to properly socialize your puppy

  • Setting up your home and creating routine

  • Introducing puppy to resident pets

  • Preventing common undesirable behaviors

  • Potty Training

  • Crate & Playpen training

  • How to provide mental and physical exercise

  • Cooperative Care techniques for the vet & groomer

Purchase includes 6-month access to course content.

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Coming Soon!